Back to Normal

That was fun, now back to my regularly scheduled programming of not noticing the little f*ck’s existence. BTW, if you run a Google search of “Michael Savage”, the number 3 hit is Savage Stupidity, followed by Michael Savage The #2 hit is also a parody site. The objective is to keep linking to these sites until they surpass (that’s not the URL, but I’m not linking to as the top Google hit for “michael savage”.

Also, I wish more–or even some–conservative bloggers had joined in. Seriously, most of us moderate lefties (and even the extreme lefties) vigorously repudiate ANSWER–can’t some Righties do the same with Savage?

Finally, Via Blah3, here’s the most comprehensive list of appropriators I’ve found, give them all a hand! And props to Neal Pollack for taking the initiative.

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