Precursor to The Next House Un-American Activities Commission Disloyal Activites Commission?

Matt Yglesias found it first, at least among bloggers I read. I’ll just echo his sentiment: “Holy Shit!”. For the most part the wording is innocuous–though I am tempted to Fisk it–but the title alone is scary enough.


P.S. This looks like a job for Dave Neiwert (Orcinus).

UPDATE: Who knew? Loyalty Day has been around since the 1930s, and became a national holiday in 1958. Still, it seems rather Un-American. Americans are loyal and patriotic because they want to be, because we appreciate the freedoms, protections, and opportunities available in America, not because our government tells us to be. For the government to endorse “Loyalty” as official policy is a bit too close to “we’re the government, don’t question us, we know what’s best” for me. It should be a bit scary to Libertarians and anti-big government Republicans too.