New Links

Just added: It’s Still the Economy and A Taxing Blog. The former is a team blog devoted to the economy, currently with me, Matt Stoller, and MB of Wampum as contributors, but look for that group to expand.

The latter is also a team blog, with the motto, “A Tax Policy Blog — for tax profs, policy wonks, and other shameless tax nerds.” Personally, I think that they are being overly narrow in describing their target audience. I think it’s of interest to anyone concerned about fiscal policy. Assuming for the moment that the Democrats automatically lose on foreign policy, the key battleground in 2004 will be the economy, meaning fiscal policy: whether we try to stimulate the economy via more tax cuts, more spending, constant spending without tax cuts but with a reduction or elimination of the deficit; should we cut capital gains or dividend taxes? Repeal or extend the Bush tax cuts? What to do about prescription drug coverage, universal health care, controlling medical spending; what is the appropriate level of spending in R&D, education, and other forms of national infrastructure? All of these issues interact directly with tax policy, so I suggest a more ambitious catchphrase for the Taxing Blog: “Economic News and Analysis for Everybody, written by shameless tax nerds”.