More Sid and Hannity

Salon’s David Talbot interviews Sidney Blumenthal. Earlier, I remarked with some surprise that Hannity gave Sid a fair and balanced hearing on his show. (Contrast this to the SCLM’s treatment of late–see the Daily Howler, 5/18, 5/19, 5/20, and 5/21). In any event, here’s Sidney recounting his time on Hannity’s show:

TALBOT: Why did you decide to go on Hannity’s show? A lot of liberals boycott Fox because they feel they’re just used as chum for the sharks.

BLUMENTHAL: Hannity’s is the second biggest radio show after Limbaugh and he’s the second biggest cable TV pundit after O’Reilly; I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to him before. But I was glad to go toe to toe. I didn’t find him mean-spirited. He tried to ask slanted questions that pushed me back on my heels, but I felt fine firing back — and he let me speak. In fact he just asked me to go on his TV show this week.

The rest of the interview is pretty good too.