Liberal Media in Action

CNN Headline (from the front page): Alleged Chinese double agent indicted. Nowhere in the story did it mention that the spy in question, Katrina Leung, is a major Republican contributor; the word “Republican” is not even in the story. You have to go to the story, then notice the sidebar where there’s a link titled “Lieberman seeks investigation of accused spy’s finances“–still no mention of Republicans. Follow that link to read this phrase:

Katrina Leung, accused of being a Chinese double agent, was also a political fund raiser for the Republicans.

Don’t ask me what to think about agents of the Chinese government trying to influence US politicians, just ask the Weekly Standard, The National Review, David Horowitz, World Net Daily, and so on. I expect these sources will quickly leap to excoriate any Republicans who received funds from or with the aid of an [alleged] Chinese Spy. After all, Million Dollar Bill “no vice but my own shall go unpunished” Bennett didn’t get any special treatment or kindness from these pure souls, did he?


UPDATE: Josh Marshall has a lot more on this. I noticed the surely inadvertent ommission at CNN; Josh observes that “And yet the reports of the charges filed against her today both at ABC News and CNN, give this [Leung’s Republican connections and fundraising] no mention whatsoever. Not a one.”