Hey, Angry Bear, Why are you so Angry?

Generally, I’m not, but right now I can’t get this #!@!#@! blog to fit into the correct width. So tomorrow (when I have broadband access) I have to redo the template. Until then it looks like you have use the horizontal scroll bar. Just to really make me angry, when I post the template into my HTML editor, it looks fine. When I have blogger publish the page and then I view the source and paste that into my HTML editor, it becomes too wide.


UPDATE: And, as you can see below, someone keeps posting that there’s no text box in the comments, but when I click on “comment” (in both IE and Opera, but I haven’t tried Netscape), it works fine…Please email me angrybearblog@yahoo.com and describe the problem and your browser and I’ll work on the issue. And if you can see the text box in the comments, could you indicate that by leaving a comment to this post? Thanks.