Blogging in the TImes

I’ve seen a few bloggers linking to the NYT story, “Dating a Blogger, Reading All About It“, which is mostly focused on personal blogs. Also today, the NYT has another story, “As Google Goes, So Goes the Nation“, that talks a bit about blogging.

Dave Winer, whose blog archives go back to 1994, in a post that I agree with entirely, has this to say:

PS: The Times piece, like the Register piece, makes a lot of derogatory and condescending statements about bloggers. An example — “the Web is a tool that enables people who have a life to benefit from the efforts of those who don’t.” This kind of writing is unbecoming a paper of the stature of the Times, and probably reflects a bias, perhaps even a conflict of interest, on the part of the author of the article and the editorial staff at the Times. This is not the first time this has happened. I’ve written about this publicly many times. The editors of the Times have yet to respond.

The sentiment expressed by the Times reporter is very similar to what I found in a clip from the transcript of a recent PBS story on Blogs, which I talked about here. In the PBS story, they had an executive producer from MSNBC of all places, talking about how the real value-add in blogging is the editorial function that MSNBC provides.