You must take a look at this picture.

As Digby would say, this picture is “Another example of why homeschooling by idiots is a very bad idea”.

I could make some point about how it’s logically incorrect to take the dumbest or most extreme member of a group and project their idiocy onto the entire group. But if I did that, Republicans wouldn’t be able to use Noam Chomsky to attack all Democrats. No, it must be the case that because this guy is a moron, we can safely conclude that all pro-war protesters are idiots.


UPDATE. Perhaps his “Get A Brain! Morans” poster was really a bold progressive statement against all the Jim Moran’s of the world. As you may recall, in early March, Representative Jim Moran insinuated that Jews–Elders of Zion??–were directing the war on Iraq. Moran’s a Democrat from Virginia. See, we’ve got idiots, too. Just not nearly as many.