This Seems Worth Passing Along

Dear bloggers, webmasters, journalists, yada, yada, It seems that we’re now on the eve of war, with Bush’s final ultimatum, the White House saying that “diplomacy [sic] has ended”, Robin Cook’s resignation in Britain, and the announcement that there will be no additional U.N. Security Council vote.
NOW is the time to make voices heard, whether you’re for the war or against

it. Please ask your readers, listeners, friends and family to contact their elected officials today, right now, to tell them how they feel. (If you’re cool, you’ll say something like, “If you’re reading this, you have time to call these people…” — not that I’m cool). Here, for your convenience, are some ways to contact elected officials.

White House Comment Line: (202) 456.1111
White House Email:,

Contacting your House Representative:

Contacting your Senator:

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