Slow Post Day

But I did finally watch Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher. Once again, it was very good. I’ve read a few posts here and there about how bad Dennis Miller–who I once enjoyed watching–has become, but I didn’t realize he had sunk so low. He clearly spent some time preparing 5 to 10 rants in favor of Bush, against Clinton, and against the French. Here’s a typical example of the new Miller [paraphrase]: “The only time Clinton likes the UN is when it’s surrounded by a C and a T”. Old Miller might have at least tried to make a point related to Bosnia and Clinton getting NATO approval instead of UN approval there. Not so the new Miller. Apparently in the wake of losing his HBO gig and then getting fired by CBS from his Monday Night Football gig, he has decided that there’s big money in being a frothing and moronic conservative commentator (sadly, he may be right). Fortunately, Arianna Huffington (who generally leans a bit too much towards Nader policy-wise for me) did an excellent job of making Miller look like a fool.