More on Robin Cook

For those interested, the BBC’s has a page devoted to Cook’s resignation, which includes a link to video of the speech. There’s also an editorial here. The article describes Mr. Cook as receiving an “unprecedented standing ovation in the House of Commons” (the BBC’s political analyst explained that “MPs applauding one another [was] simply not done.”) Here’s an interesting line from the speech:

“What has come to trouble me most over past weeks is the suspicion that if the hanging chads in Florida had gone the other way and Al Gore had been elected we would not now be about to commit British troops”.

Oddly, there’s basically nothing on this on CNN (one paragraph in a story headlined “Bush ultimatum to Iraq“). Damned Liberal Media.


UPDATE: From Altercation (scroll down):

At a seminar Saturday night in Los Angeles, journalist Robert Scheer was ticking off succinct and persuasive arguments against going to war when the picture began to break up. Suddenly a C-SPAN announcer declared that technical difficulties made the telecast impossible (in fact, the audio could still be heard) and so the seminar was yanked and replaced — by Army-supplied footage of military maneuvers. An antiwar speech from the British House of Commons yesterday afternoon was also abruptly interrupted.

Parliamentarian Robin Cook was giving reasons to avoid the war when he was replaced suddenly on the screen by a color test pattern and the words ‘FOX NEWS QATAR.’ ”

UPDATE: Full transcript available on CNN.