If you haven’t seen it…

It’s worth the trip: www.pressgaggle.com. The entry for 3/13:

Q My point is, why is the President going through this charade of diplomacy when he obviously plans to go to war?
MR. FLEISCHER: Helen, this is a very serious word, the diplomacy. And the President is carrying it out because he believes in the value of consultations.
Q. But he obviously is not going to follow, no matter what happens.
MR. FLEISCHER: I think that, frankly —
Q. How can you do that, really?
MR. FLEISCHER: — when you use the word “charade” — which, if I’m not mistaken, has French roots — (laughter) — you may want to address your question to those who say they will veto any resolution.
Q. Aren’t you glad you —
MR. FLEISCHER: I’m glad I minored in French. (Laughter.)
Q. You did?
MR. FLEISCHER: Mais, oui.
Q. It’s come to this. (Laughter.)


P.S. Ok, it was a loaded question, but was it remotely answered?