Gary Hart Has a Blog

It looks like Hart is posting on alternate days. Here’s a sample:

I’ve been meeting with students and activists in Durham, Manchester, Hanover, Boston, Amherst, and New Haven and I have been hearing some common themes…Heidi Brooks, a business school student, asked me “how will we know when the war is won?” We’ll know the war is won when we withdraw the last of the American forces from the region.

This link is not an endorsement of Hart (I don’t think he can win, which is perhaps unfortunate since Hart has–or should have–substantial credibility on the subject of anti-terrorism). As far as I can tell, the principle flaw with Hart’s blog is the blogroll, which is at least one link short. It would be nice if more of the field added blogs, assuming they are not vacous and ghost-written statements, press releases disguised as blogs. Just for fun, ponder briefly what blogs by G. W. Bush and John McCain would have looked like in the spring of 2000 (say, during the South Carolina primary); even better, consider Gore and Bush blogs between the 2000 election and the final Supreme Court ruling.

P.S. Taking cheap shots might be viewed by some as somehow giving “aid and comfort” to the enemy so I probably shouldn’t, but I try as I might I can’t stop myself from suggesting [for Bush’s campaign blog].