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Whittle a beak series

Ilsm continues his whittle the beak series: Professor Theodore Postol, MIT, is a continuing and outspoken critic of Missile Defense Agency, Star Wars and numerous related components such as Patriot and newer science projects. He made news in 1992 pointing out that 37 of 38 disintegrating SCUD missiles fired by Iraq during Gulf War II […]

ILSM – Whittling a Break

This one is by ILSM — The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men, Gang aft agley,” Robert Burns. Justifying staying with the escalation, Iraqi and Afghanistan surge scams. “The gains………..should not be allowed to unravel.” Robert Gates C-SPAN 10 Apr 2008 One of the Kagans demands that withdrawal advocates have to prove the impossible: […]

ILSM on the Culture of Waste

This one is by ILSM — This post is on GAO 08 621, which discusses waste. Waste is like its companions fraud and abuse, only in a lesser sense. It is somewhat between them. It is not criminal misrepresentation of material facts. Close! What I think they are saying: ‘you cannot say a decision based […]