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Polls and reporting

Lifted from Robert’s thoughts: by Robert Waldmann Polls and reporting It is clear that, whenever respected non-partisan media adopt rigid rules, Republicans abuse those rules. The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are a very clear example. Since news organizations often present both sides of a debate without fact checking in each article, it is possible […]

Tim Duy on employment/population ratio

Via Mark Thoma Tim Duy looks at reporting that misses the point even though information can be teased out of the piece. The article can be found here. I think the article would have felt better if it began not with the impression that baby boomers are the driving force behind recent declines in the […]

hundreds of billions = 0 ?

Robert Waldmann The Headline and abstract person has outdone himself or herself writing CBO sees debt estimates soar Analysts say health law has not improved budget and Obama’s tax agenda will make things worse. Lori Montgomery As Kevin Drum says always click the link. Lori Montgomery actually wrote President Obama’s overhaul of the health-care […]