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Another image of labor’s broken back: $48,887 in profit per employee!

This article via Yahoo news caught my attention: Five years into recovery, Dow Companies squeeze workers as investors thrive I think this picture spells it out rather well.   “As the chart shows, the 30 huge companies that comprise the Dow Jones Industrial Average have barely nudged their employee ranks higher…” But this is even […]

What would Romney say? What would Obama say? What would you say?

I noticed that the notion of income inequality and consequences was described outside the box in this article in the NYT. Several ideas struck me about the article.  How people can work side by side with such little connection in their lives is instructive.  The sense of ‘commons’ is missing from the article could be […]

The Best Data on Middle Class Decline (Updated)

by Kenneth Thomas who writes The Middle Class Economist(corrected author name) The Best Data on Middle Class Decline (Updated) The flurry of posts earlier this month on middle class decline (me, Lane Kenworthy, Matthew Yglesias, Kevin Drum) made me think some more about what the best way is to show what’s happened since the peak of […]