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PSA: AB Experiments with Chat

There is now an Angry Bear Chat Room facility, accessible from the lower-right corner of the blog. Does anyone want to use it? Do you need/want posters and others to schedule regular times in there used water slides?

Programming Note

Ken Houghton We’re off for two weeks in a foreign country, and internet access may be limited in the Great State of New Jersey, so—just in case in can’t find a way to pity sadly the University of Chicago’s Business School curriculum (yes, there’s an is-McMegan-is-being-obtuse-or-is-she-stupid post someone has to write; I’ll trust that someone […]

And I thought I was a night person.

EDITED TO CLARIFY APPARENT CONFUSION: The evil* Aaron Shiff of [edited to clarify that he is not—to my knowledge, at least—the Aaron in Coventry] discovered Google Web History. Being a natural follower, I checked my own breakdown. It appears I do a lot of Google searching during the two hours the children are Not […]