And I thought I was a night person.


The evil* Aaron Shiff of [edited to clarify that he is not—to my knowledge, at least—the Aaron in Coventry] discovered Google Web History.

Being a natural follower, I checked my own breakdown. It appears I do a lot of Google searching during the two hours the children are Not Getting Ready for Bed:

I have doubts about their methods (the top Clicks lists, in particular, do not match with what I’ve been doing in the past two years but seem rather to map my searches to Google’s search database), but it’s worth checking out, and will probably produce a thesis or three in the near future.

*Sarcastic Designation of Mr. Schiff,** who posted this distraction, for this web posting only. I am not Lou Holtz.***

**No designation of aaron-in-coventry to be intended or implied, sarcastic or otherwise.

***Lou Holtz reference explained here.***

***If he isn’t suspended without pay, will Gary Becker give back his Nobel Prize?