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Nick and Joe are doing their best to beat back Milton Friedman et al

Nick Hanauer, Joseph Sitglitz videos. This is the latest presentation Nick Hanauer has made regarding the upside downness of our economy and the backward, selfish thinking that has gotten us here. In this one he is talking to his “plutocrat” friends: We plutocrats need to see that the United States of America made us not […]

David Brooks Bemoans the Low Standards of Living in Australia, Canada, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland

In his NYT column today, David Brooks employs his standard column-writing formula of plucking two or more unrelated facts from their context and specifics, putting them into a sequence, and–voila!–suggesting a causal relationship, or at least a relationship of some sort, and therefore some conclusory fact.   This time around, he does it in the […]