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Brands and generics pharmaceuticals…

The case is Federal Trade Commission v. Watson Pharmaceuticals et al, No. 12-416.   Via the New York Times comes this note: Last year, for the third time since 2003, the 11th Circuit upheld the agreements as long as the allegedly anticompetitive behavior that results — in this case, keeping the generic drug off the market […]

Health Care: Supply Chain Meltdowns

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt Health Care: Supply Chain Meltdowns First: Counterfeit vials of the cancer drug Avastin have been found in three states. The vials, sold directly to physician offices, lack the active ingredients to make the drug effective. Somewhat luckily, the packaging was so sloppy the vials were spotted, although some of the […]

Medical Tourism and Importing Pharmaceuticals

This is a post about 1) medical tourism and 2) importing pharmaceuticals from Canada. I heard something that piqued my interest the other day, so I did eight seconds worth of searching on-line and found this: While no one expects the Federal government to embrace medical tourism for Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement purposes, private insurance […]