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It’s not that Schiff was so correct, it’s that the shows were so manipulative

by: Divorced one like Bush Crooks and Liar’s posted this video, but their presentation seems more from a position of how correct Peter Shiff was. I think what is more important, and a better lesson to learn is how much crap was being presented by Fox as real, reliable, truthful information that “you can use”. […]

Money = Wind, Bush and Fox News?

By: Divorced one like Bush Yes, you read that correctly. The right is reporting there is money to be found in wind. Sacrilege in their church of oil. In an article, May 17, 2008 we learn about a Bush administration report on wind. A little back ground first: With major government investments in wind in […]

John Lott Looks at Recessions and Rumors of Recessions and Concludes: Media Bias

Here is John Lott at Fox News telling us that all this talk about the economy being in recession is a media myth, and more, part of a pattern of the media trying to make Republicans look bad. He writes: During the 2000 election, with Bill Clinton as president, the economy was viewed through rose-colored […]