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Strangely, CATO missed the AZ, IN, and MS budget crises

CATO was making much hay a few days ago about budget problems in California, New York, and New Jersey, which can be explained, respectively, by the Governor’s veto of an Assembly-passed budget a few months ago, the decline in tax revenues from financial services firms and continuing loss of upstate industry, and underfunded pension obligations […]

Fiscal Responsibility Summit: Guest List

Fiscal Responsibility Summit Attendees: (noted without comment. Except for those of us who follow Social Security-Dean Baker made the cut) ADMINISTRATIONSecretary of the Treasury, Tim GeithnerSecretary of Transportation, Ray LaHoodSecretary of Homeland Security, Janet NapolitanoDeputy Secretary of State, Jack LewTreasury Department, Gene Sperling White House Chief of Staff, Rahm EmanuelOMB Director, Peter OrszagNational Economic Council, […]