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Which (macro)-economists are worth listening to?

One could add a few names, and people did in comments.  One could also add a couple more thoughts  to Jonathon’s criterion, two of which could be admitting to mistakes and fixing parts of the model one is using if missed called, and a caveat around whether an economist could explain his/her model well and […]

Does economic blogging matter?? Part one

Angry Bear was started by its namesake in the latter part of 2003, and continued publishing through the editorial efforts of Mike Kimel and Dan Crawford over the last six years (see About page).  Mark Thoma at Economist View approaches the role of econblogs through pointing to the disconnect between academics and public use of the […]

S. Korean Econoblogger Jailed for Getting it Right

by Bruce Webb(UPDATE: this piece was not drawing any attention so I decided to move it under the fold and save some screen space. But the headline tells the story. He predicted the global slowdown and some specific events in S. Korea and got hauled away in handcuffs. Details below.)Prescient Young Blogger Did What S. […]