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by Dale CoberlySOCIAL SECURITY and Uncle Sam moving parts edition Most of us have heard the “phony iou” claim about the Social Security Trust Fund, with its accompanying cartoon of a hapless Uncle Sam furiously borrowing from his left pocket to fill up his right pocket, and stuffing “worthless iou’s” into the left pocket to […]

SOCIAL SECURITY…Sweet Reasonableness and Fact Checkers

by Dale Coberly SOCIAL SECURITYSweet Reasonableness and Fact Checkers Apparently the Big Liars are getting worried about the fact that “Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit.” There have been a flurry of little Big Liars “proving” that in fact SS is a contributor to the Deficit. I am going to try to […]


A book review by Dale Coberly ONE NATION UNDER AARP  The Fight Over Medicare, Social Security, and America’s Futureby Frederick R. Lynch I was asked to write a review of this book, perhaps because I sometimes write about Social Security. But I had to completely rearrange my perspective in order to even understand what the […]

Recommended reading on Social Security

Eric Larson is interviewed about Social Security and his new book The People’s Pension: The War Against Social Security from Reagan to Obama (AK Press, Spring 2012): Eric Laursen is an independent journalist who’s been covering political and financial news for more than a quarter-century. He’s been studying Social Security for the past 15 years, […]

Social Security… The Fundamental Truth

by Dale CoberlySocial SecurityThe Fundamental TruthIf you don’t understand this, you don’t understand Social Security. If you do understand it, all the rest is minor technical detail… or utter nonsense. Social Security is not welfare. Social Security is not an investment plan. Social Security is insurance… to avoid welfare if your investment plan doesn’t work […]