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Hoisted from the Economics Literature: Credit Card Pricing and Market Failures

by Tom Bozzo Mike at Rortybomb tries to make some sense of the apparently negative option value of revolving credit card debt and is left scratching his head: Now interfluidity points out that people are willing to pay a yearly fee for a transaction card – let’s say $100. Now if you are a business […]

Tina Fey gets a little backup…AMEX promises nothing to cactus

Tina Fey or John MacEnroe over at AMEX should give cactus a call. Is this related to the change in bankruptcy law on Chapter 7 escape clauses? Less backup for the customer. Keep posted. Naked Capitalism might be exposing the economic model prior to the credit crunch still being implemented. As wards of the state […]

Non-Violent Offenders and Incarceration

Regular readers are aware that my wife and I are currently having to deal with both identity fraud and an unrelated dispute over a very large credit charge, both at the same time. And that got me to thinking… one of the arguments you often hear to support the charge that the US incarcerates too […]