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Stories About Cats

Everybody needs a hobby. Long time readers may be aware I feed feral cats. I used to do it every day until I moved… then I found a nice Israeli lady who took over my route on weekdays, but since she can’t make it on weekends, I still drive back out there every Saturday and […]

Reader Cursed on Ethics, Cats, and Lizard Gods

Regular readers know I feed feral and stray cats. (I love all kinds of animals, but cats tend to be the easiest animal to help in a city.) I’ve had a few instances where I think: this was an unqualified success, but for the most part, all I’m doing is keeping some of these animals […]

Liberals, Conservatives, Charity, and a Very, Very Large Cat (free to a good home!)

Every so often, someone comes up with a study showing that religious conservatives are more generous than secular liberals. Recently, there’s been another one. I haven’t read this book. But I have read excerpts, and unless I’m wrong, the book makes what to me is the same errors that previous efforts to prove the same […]