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Evaluating Cash for Clunkers: The Case of the Missing Denominator

by Tom Bozzo An AP story (via Felix Salmon) based on an analysis of “Cash for Clunkers” transactions is circulating with the non-news that a number of the transactions involved trades of gas-guzzling trucks for only modestely less gas-guzzling trucks. Here’s the lede: The most common deals under the government’s $3 billion Cash for Clunkers […]

Levitt on Cash for Clunkers

by Tom Bozzo Steven Levitt wonders aloud at the Freakonomics blog whether it could possibly be true that the CARS a/k/a Cash for Clunkers is about to run out of money, given the level of new vehicle sales in the U.S.: The program went into place on July 24th. One week later, the program was […]