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What is remembrance for?

I am just catching up with some of the news this week. Barkley Rosser at Econospeak had a timely post on 9/11 ceremonies and reminds us about what we accept as special or inevitably normal: Things More Worthy Of Remembrance Than 9/11 Yes, what happened 11 years ago today was awful and tragic, and there is much […]

The Cut Social Security Gang

Barkley Rosser at Econospeak opines on: Bill Keller Joins The Cut Social Security Gang In today’s New York Times, former editor Bill Keller has an especially obnoxious column about baby boomer entitlement. I am not going to dispute at all his listing of various selfishnesses that we baby boomers have indulged in from Gordon Gekko type […]

Report From Rio…Barkley Rosser

by Barkley Rosserre-posted from Econospeak with the authors permission Will A Thousand CEOs Save The Planet? Report From Rio Just back from presenting paper at International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) conference in Rio that preceded the main UN Sustainable Development conference that has started today there, the Rio + 20 show.  What is going […]

Which Spending Is Easier To Cut And By What Level Of Government?

by Professor Barkley Rosser Reposted from Econospeak with permission from the author Which Spending Is Easier To Cut And By What Level Of Government? Back from his break, our former co-blogger, Dean Baker at Beat the Press, takes down WaPo ed page editor, Fred Hiatt, for his pushing yet again for cutting Social Security because […]