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Brokaw and the Man BROKAW: Why not fold in some of the U.N. inspectors to this effort, not turn it over to them, but make them a part of it? Would that help with the credibility, do you think? THE PRESIDENT: I think there’s going to be skepticism until people find out there was, in […]

Dammit, Moralistic right wingers can really piss me off (In this case, I’m not talking about Sen. Santorum, though I should be). But that just makes it more fun to watch them fall, Jimmy Swaggart style. From Joe Conason, an update on the status of Richard Delgaudio (full story in the Washington Post). Delgaudio was […]

Bush in Ohio Explaining the Dire Need for Tax Relief In Mr. Voinovich’s home state yesterday, Bush said “Some in Congress say the plan is too big. Well, it seems like to me they might have some explaining to do. If they agree that tax relief creates jobs, they why are they for a little-bitty […]

California Consumption Tax Gambit? As a few loyal readers may recall, this blog was started largely in response to serious discussion in the 2002 Economic Report of the President of phasing out income taxes in favor of consumption taxes (see the “Consumption Taxes, parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5” in the sidebar). I’ve since wandered […]

Next Target of Club for Growth Ads? As you’ve probably heard, the Club for Growth, a fairly extreme supply-side organization, launched ads against Olympia Snowe of Maine and George Voinovich of Ohio. The ads are in response to the two senators saying they would not back, and would in fact actively oppose, a tax cut […]

Has Anyone Read this Book? In 1998, Chief Justice Rehnquist published a book, All the Laws But One, on the subject of civil liberties and the writ of habeas corpus. I hadn’t heard of this book until I came across this: Chief Justice Rehnquist talked about his latest book on U.S. Supreme Court history, All […]

Thinking About 2004? Bush’s advisors are. Here are some highlights: “…Bush’s advisers have drafted a re-election strategy built around staging the latest nominating convention in the party’s history, allowing Mr. Bush to begin his formal campaign near the third anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks” [remember the use of photos of Bush from Air Force […]

Still Busy With the real job, so posting remains light. In the meantime, reading Mac Diva’s blog, I came across another new blog worth a look. While some may find it extreme or a little offensive, it is really funny: J.C. Christian’s blog. I’d call it a lefty’s attempt to blog like a Freeper would. […]

The Daily Show I’ve been meaning for some time to do a post about how sad it is that the most cutting analysis of politics, at least on TV, is on The Daily Show (Comedy Central), not Fox, MSNBC, or CNN. Alas, the Nation beat me to it. It’s worth watching, particularly the first ten […]

State Governments Saving Money Flush with tobacco settlement cash, going on eight years of a rapidly growing economy, and in many cases with newly elected Republican governors, many states slashed taxes around 2000. The crisis is probably worst in California (Democrat), but Texas (R) and New York (R) are not doing much better. Missouri has […]