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Borjas on Immigration in 1996

George Borjas is out with a new book on immigration. It’s title, “We Wanted Workers” comes from a comment by a Swiss playwright which translates roughly as “we wanted workers but we got people instead.” I am swamped and haven’t gotten to Borjas’ book yet (truth to tell – there is a lot of stuff […]

Four Years

It is four years from now. A lot has changed. Some of the changes have been positive, some negative. What are the changes that in retrospect were the most impactful but also should have been among the most obvious a day or two after Thanksgiving 2016?

Welfare Rates and Stereotypes of Immigrants in Denmark

Here is the introduction to an interesting paper. It covers some similar to ground to some of my recent and upcoming posts but uses data on immigrant groups to Denmark: Stereotypes, that is, people’s beliefs about groups1, are often assumed to be exaggerated and inaccurate (Jussim, 2012). However, whether this is so is rarely examined. […]

The Bottom 10 Performing Immigrant Groups in the US – Lessons Learned

In my last post, I looked at the top ten immigrant groups by country of origin to the US, ranked by their per capita income in the US. In this post, I want to look at the bottom ten countries. Here’s some information on those countries (data sources mentioned at the bottom of the post): […]