The COVID vaccines are really, really safe

I got my first COVID shot in August 2020 as part of the Moderna Phase III trial. Since then, I’ve had four additional jabs. Today, I’ll get another booster with the latest Moderna vaccine. I’m looking forward to it.

I did contract COVID last November during a trip to Colorado. I tested positive for a few days and had mild symptoms, but completely recovered. The vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting infected, it keeps you out of the ED and the morgue.

Normally, I wouldn’t call attention to anti-vaxxer hoaxes, but together with the mindless attacks on Tony Fauci, there are attacks on the highly effective and safe COVID vaccines. Look, nobody is forced to get the COVID vaccine. Don’t want it? Don’t get it. But don’t lie about it.

“The COVID vaccines, administered over 13 billion times, are really, really safe. A massive review looking at 41 randomized controlled trials of 12 different COVID-19 vaccines on a total of nearly half a million participants concluded that there was probably little to no difference between most vaccines and placebos when it came to serious side effects. Yes, rare serious side effects do happen, and scientists are trying to figure out why, with their early clues misused by anti-vaccine activists to paint these vaccines as genocidal. But if the spike protein encoded by these vaccines was so deadly, you would not survive receiving 217 of these injections. Yet a German man did. Why? The article reporting on this oddity mentions “private reasons,” but his immune system was fine and he did not die.”

debunking attacks on COVID vaccine safety