Tracking States Implementing Medicaid’s Postpartum Coverage Extension

As taken from an earlier post on a woman’ healthcare. There are quite a few issues which can arise while a woman gives birth which I detailed in the 2019 post. Having good healthcare insurance is a big factor in having safe deliveries before, during, and after a birth. The first line of this section was healthcare for women and maternal mortality is an important indicator of a nation’s overall quality of healthcare. If a person has healthcare insurance, they will have access to good care although in my story, the woman dies from a disorder called HELLP syndrome or Hemolysis, (a breakdown of red blood cells).

Having a safe delivery is one issue, a healthy baby, is another issue, and the last issue is women’s healthcare after giving birth. Roughly one third of all deaths of women giving birth occurs after giving birth.

In 2019 as I wrote, women of Medicaid had 2 months of Postpartum coverage. If you had commercial healthcare insurance, you were covered up to one year. More on this issue here; Pregnancy-related Deaths | VitalSigns | CDC. Click on the picture to enlarge.

States seeking to implement extended postpartum coverage prior to April 1, 2022 have done so through a section 1115 waiver or by using state funds. The chart below tracks recent state actions to implement extended Medicaid postpartum coverage, including states having implemented a 12-month postpartum extension, states planning to implement a 12-month extension, states with pending legislation to seek federal approval through a SPA or 1115 waiver, and states having proposed or received approval for a limited coverage extension.

Prior to the recent Medicaid extension during the pandemic, Medicaid only overed 60 days of postpartum care. Pres. Biden extended Medicaid coverage and also extended Postpartum care in Medicaid under the ARP act. For an addition year, states had to apply for the extension. The chart below shows what stage each state is in of implementation.

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