I Am Tired

Hey, if you have not noticed, I have been doing most of the posting at Angry Bear, for myself, others, and for NDd on Angry Bear on various topics. NDd’s commentary I consider to be important and timely reporting on housing, jobs, Covid, the economy, etc. He is on the money each time.

It is amazing to me, how the FED keeps trying to blow the economy up and it keeps on ticking. There are a lot of reasons for such a great economy, none of which involve Republicans. Think back to 2007/8 through 2010 and how bad it was. Inflation is a problem; but, we are also short Labor (amazing that this is occurring) and business has been manipulating the supply chain (not so amazing).

Back to my topic, I am tired. I also have an eye operation coming up next week. If I do not get it, I will go blind in my right eye, The whole thought of this operation makes me cringe. Someone is going to mess with the inside of my eye, my shooting eye, drain it, and remove membrane starting to squeeze the retina. As told to me, I probably will not be able to see or see clearly from that eye for a bit. Supposedly, this will correct my vision where glasses could no longer do so.

Also, I can not keep putting up three posts a day which have little or any meaning to them. I do not consider myself a C & P poster. I would rather post my own stuff even it is not of the same caliber as what you may read elsewhere. I am also in the company of writers like Ken, Eric, Joel. Infidel, David, Daniel, etc. and great commenters (even if I have issues with your comments).

Which brings me to Angry Bear. It is not going away. I have been filling in for Dan who I assume will be coming back shortly after a long battle. I need some time off myself to allow my right eye to recoup. With that being said, if I disappear next week, you know why.

I like Angry Bear and I like you.