Lana Theis’s Attack on Mallory McMorrow Failed

Yea, I know. Who the hell is Mallory McMorrow.

First let me explain Lana Theis. Lana is a state senator representing the Michigan state district I lived in when I was near Brighton, Brighton Michigan. Lana is Republican and was pretty much protected from being replaced due to state gerrymandering. You may remember her as the Michigan Republican state senator who falsely described McMorrow as a “groomer” in an April fundraising email.

In the fundraising email, Michigan State Sen. Lana Theis of Brighton said colleagues like McMorrow were “outraged” they couldn’t “groom and sexualize kindergartners.”

To make matters worse, Republican Sen. Lana Theis opened a Michigan Senate session with an invocation by claiming children are being attacked by “forces” that want to indoctrinate them with ideas their parents do not support.

Three Democrats walked out of last week’s meeting to protest her apparent reference to how schools address sexual orientation and gender identity and critical race theory. McMorrow was one of them. Within days, the one who tweeted criticism of the prayer was targeted by Theis in a fundraising email.

Theis called Sen. Mallory McMorrow a liberal social media “troll” and accused her of wanting to “groom” and “sexualize” kindergartners and teach “that 8-year-olds are responsible for slavery.”

And State Senator Mallory McMorrow responded with a spirited speech in the Senate in her own defense — a speech that went viral and made her a political celebrity on the left.

It is a good speech and one I hope would inspire Democrats to take to the podium and answer Republicans.

What was the outcome of this back and forth?

Theis didn’t see an influx of small-dollar donations from the solicitation — her take from individual donors was just $235. But McMorrow used the response to her speech to build a data base of 11,000 donors from all 50 states, according to her husband and treasurer Ray Wert.

Senator Mallory McMorrow raised more than $1 million.

We need more State senators and Representatives like Mallory McMorrow.

The attack on Mallory McMorrow backfired” – POLITICO, Adam Wren