Essential Healthcare for Women

Conversation pulled from the comments section relating to Infidel’s Ding dong . . . . post. This is an opinion piece, an opinion piece in which I agree. Commenter dd explains what it is like to have your life and rights compromised by the courts, state legislatures, and the people around you who are denying you essential healthcare.

dd: “Democrats have a major opportunity, and they should ignore the religious nonsense.

Do you know how many women including myself understand they are living because of science?  I’m in the south right now and everyone is so used to lying about everything to conform with religious dissonance, but the bottom line is women don’t want to die, don’t want to abandon their living children and pretty much are shrugging off the old eve’s sin bs. They won’t say it; but they’ll vote to live.”

Another commenter;

“this hurts because most of the time when “religious” people hear attacks on “religion” they are not women thinking about abortion, but people in general thinking about their hopes for a better world (perhaps in the here and now, and not just in the bye and bye) and then they get fierce defending it, maybe because they don’t quite believe it themselves, but it’s all they have.”

dd: “No, it’s not all they have and yes, religion is to blame and them hurting is hardly a reason to deny medical care.

This is not about abortion it’s about science finding solutions to complex problems that religion rejects because it takes cash away from them and redirects to science.  Women don’t cling to religion because they have “hopes” for a better world they cling to it because it gives them cover to accept their victimization as god’s will. Therefore they can avoid the hard work of maturity and truly making a better world for their children.

It takes hard mental and emotional work to overcome years of religious indoctrination that instills nothing but fear and even fear of fear. Then even harder work to realize that all of these religions hide behind the truly spiritual and claim it as their own; for one purpose only: cash and prizes! The Bakers, the popes, Billy Graham and the whole lot of them turned religion into a cash cow.

We’re now at the point where republican policy is killing women and girls and all the major religions are in total agreement. Forget medicine, science, and all the advancements. Women and girls must die because religion says so and republicans agree. 

I would be dead without modern medicine many times over and all related to reproduction. Science, amazing doctors and modern medicine saved me: 50 years of amazing advancements that major religions and the republican party want to wipe away. It’s medieval and disgusting and it’s for the money.

So what happens next? States like Texas and Indiana will find an exodus of medical providers. What more evidence does one need that this is not about abortion but about science upending the easy cash cow and the politicians don’t care for now; but I foresee the party of “no regulation” becoming the party of massive medical regulations to prevent providers from leaving and decertifying of their medical institutions. The procedure for abortion is the same as the procedure for a miscarriage how to know which one is okay? Even in a miscarriage the cellular mass may still be ‘living’ even as the mother is bleeding to death and has become infected because that what happens and how women die.

The only positive is that all us ancient feminists are reenergized, and our daughters and granddaughters are ready too. As we know,

‘If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.’”