What Mo Said

All this we’ve been hearing about the sanctity of the Second Amendment? Seems that what the Second really means is that Americans have the right to buy assault weapons to use to exercise their right to overthrow the government. That big surge in AR-15 purchases after the election of Barack Obama? Turns out that it wasn’t about defending the purchasers from criminals after all. It was about arming a well-armed militia that could overthrow the US Government. All after some significant co-opting of law enforcement and the US Military, of course. The good old boys, and their manipulators, have been very, very, busy for a long time. Maybe, since the beginning of the Nation.

Seems that, for some, the shooting of varmints with an AR-15 is serving as target practice for when the overthrow begins. Some of the well-armed have already signed up, gotten their uniforms, and been training. Others are standing by, pledging to volunteer when the shooting of people starts. Then, it’s down with the tyranny of Democracy, up with the tyranny of the Second Amendment.

Until then, the very presence of millions of the well-armed is an indirect act of tyranny. These threats being made against elected officials by armed militia are direct acts of tyranny (thanks Antonin).

All this didn’t happen overnight. Not only did the Constitution fail to address tyranny by a minority; seems it was intentionally written to enable it. Scalia’s of the Second provided standby backup for the minority rule enabled by the Constitution’s Electoral College and unrepresentative (self-ruled) Senate. Scalia’s of the Second allowed anti-democratic forces to turn America into a Nation of guns. Mo’s of the Second claims that only a well-armed militia can protect America from its voters.

Some of what Mo said, and some of what he didn’t say. What he didn’t say was just as important, if not more (thanks LBJ).