Whilst We Wait

Vladimir who daren’t dismount III. Estragon is french for sunflower. How in the hell, Samuel? These days, fossils are paying good money for carbon capture stories. More for the hacks. Lord knows we’ve them aplenty.

The €13 billion-plus overruns Nord Stream in a time of global warming was silly. The commitment to fossils, sillier. Being dependent on Russia, was stupid. Nord Stream II was doubling down on silly and stupid. Enough Carpe Diem. Too much, already. Carpe Diem Not! As in boolean. Henceforth, fossils are to be used for transitional purposes only. Maybe, alternative/clean mostly with fossil only at night, peak until storage perfected. Any investment to be in clean.

In the final why; there is always corruption. Are we now to be counted among the many nations of Africa, Asia, and the Americas so bespoiled? Seems so. If so, it was the money of those who put their own welfare above those of the planet and money into the campaign chests of the lowest of low what did it. America has become a lowly worm farm. Today, in our Congress, most lowly worms live rive droite.

Fossils have also invested heavily in PR. For example, carbon capture stories are great PR. They appeal to the want to believe in anything that would allow us to continue doing the very things that are killing the planet. A magic elixir. Even the pursuit works as a placebo. They, the fossils, have an in with the media. But, just think, if it were possible; fossil reserves would be as gold til gone.

Speaking of slow walking; the society of antiquated car makers whose thoughts were with their previous investments in engine, transmission, and … production facilities in wherever would have slow-walked until recouped but for Tesla. Now, China’s BYD has doubled Tesla’s and looking to do it again by 2024. Are coming to America. Meanwhile, Tesla is not stopping for anything. Quite a change in pace there antiquated. Welcome!

Dark, sad days in Ukraine; in the world. There is the glimmer of a silver lining in Putin’s little adventure. Thanks to Putin’s miscalculations and Biden’s masterful handling, both the EU and NATO stand strong. Putin’s stroll back to the second half of the 19th will be his last. Tigers especially like the taste of fools. If done right, the sanctions should work. Finally, the economics of war have been moved to the front.

Why is his army so inept? Could be lack of proper training, low morale, corruption. The three, most likely. Putin is where he is because of corruption. Russia has fallen into that abyss from which few escape. Likely the generals took the money for the soldiers’ food and pay, and lied to them about Ukraine.

How far down this trail to the bottom are we?