Top 100 Economics Blogs

Angry Bear continues to make the Top 100 Economics Blogs from Intelligent Economist and Top 100 Economics Blogs and Websites from Feedspot (now for 2022).

Econospeak (Barkley Rosser, pgl, Peter Dorman, Tom Walker) is in the financial section along with  Bonddad blog (New Deal democrat) and  Capital Ebbs and Flows (Joseph Joyce), and I am proud to say have a direct connection to Angry Bear (under general blogs…).

Eric Kramer and Ken Melvin have been writing for AB and adding their followers to our reputation. Michael Smith and Joel Eissenberger have added their writings in the last year as a welcome addition to our list of contributors. Co-editor Bill Haskel has spearheaded our efforts and deserves credits for his efforts as well as his writing.