Tendentious libertarianism

I have a piece up at Science Based Medicine digging into some misleading claims by two authors of the Great Barrington Declaration about Anthony Fauci. Frankly I was surprised at how brazen some of the misrepresentations were. For example, they criticize Fauci for being in favor of school closures, but:

. . . if you follow the link Kulldorff and Bhattacharya supply, what you will find is a Substack post that shows Fauci approved of school closures for the first three months of the pandemic as a mitigation measure and because the risk to children from COVID-19 was unclear. You can argue that this was not the best possible advice given the information available at the time, but it was far from insane. At that point Fauci started to argue that closures should be used when transmission is high, that it was important to open schools, and that we would be better off closing bars to slow transmission and to keep schools open.