A Domestic cancer “threatening Democracy”

Opinion Piece this morning comes from retired U.S. Army General Steven Anderson, CBS News

I do not necessarily put-up military commentary. This brigadier general appears to have his “stuff” together on the topic. It is a good read.

Forty-three years ago, I swore an oath to protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Back then, who could have imagined the domestic attack on our democracy a year ago this week?

In the past, we sworn an oath to obey the president.

I’ve become increasingly concerned that our military has become politicized and infected by the acrimony that plagues our society today.

Just consider this:

All this nonsense may confuse our troops on the difference between allegiance to a leader and allegiance to our Constitution. Such confusion could set conditions for another coup attempt, a thought that chills me to the bone.

I agree with this statement. The problem, I see if we do not teach Civics anymore from what I know today. It was mandatory in 8th grade for us.

So, what should we do?

First, all insurrectionists must be held accountable, to include the politicians that supported the Capitol assault.

We need to educate our service members on the Constitution, and the integrity and legitimacy of our election system.

This is not their problem. It should be a part of a grade school education. The military should only have to reinforce this. They asked us if we were members of the John Birch society. If we said yes, it was a quick ticket out of the military.

The Pentagon must identify emerging threats, and war game against future domestic terrorist acts.

And we need policy that prevents troops from joining hate groups. Military service is a profound privilege, and we cannot allow extremists to contaminate unit morale and cohesion.  

I am not sure if I would call it a privilege; however, you joined it, and you abide by its rules or the UCMJ.

Ultimately, our military is merely a reflection of us – you and me. The misinformation and hateful rhetoric that infects our country and our political discourse weakens our national defense and vitalizes our adversaries.

We must learn from the January 6th insurrection and take immediate actions to protect our democracy from the domestic cancer that continues to grow within.

Maybe this is my inner militaristic tendencies revealing itself. It is not often I would agree with them. I would think anyone getting VA benefits would still be attached to the military in a manner,