Voters in West Virginia . . .

Voters in West Virginia Support the Build Back Better Agenda, Senior Analyst, Ethan Winter, Data for Progress, August 27, 2021

From August 20, to August 27; Data for Progress organization “conducted a survey of 348 likely voters in West Virginia” to discover whether there was voter support for Biden’s Build Back Better bill. As you know, Senator Joe Manchin has claimed he has to go back to West Virginia and explain it to its voters.

If this survey adequately explains whether there is support for BBB, I am not sure of what explaining Manchin has to do. It is said miners are in favor of it and most likely because it helps fund the Black Lung program for miners with black lung disease/disorder. Of course, it will be popular for these miners. It will also be popular will families with small children, people who could not afford healthcare insurance, etc.

I am not sure of Joe Manchin’s reasoning if constituents are in favor of the BBB’s outcomes. Maybe it is just more taxes on higher incomes and his pet industries to which he is heavily invested?

There is more information including charts on the Data for Progress site.