How Close?

Justices Barrett, Alito, and Thomas have been panhandling. Begging for respect. Turns out that without respect; a Justice is nothing. All six imagined it to be right up there next to Moses, Joseph Smith and those guys; maybe even higher. Didn’t understand that any respect came down from their predecessors, from the legitimacy of their appointment; not from god. They thought that once seated, theirs was the voice of god. Turns out; the people, even the lower courts could say,

“Your Honors, you are wrong. We don’t have to do what you say.”

Mitch thought that way, too. That the Supreme Court was the voice of god. Surely came as surprise when his packing made it lesser than. Mitch, fear your efforts to rule by minority will come to the same. Then, you too will be irrelevant. Too bad, Mitch.