Why Not Fraud?

First to step out of the right hand corner was John Cornyn of Texas. Floated something he had read in Politico; it didn’t. None of Cornyn’s stings, stung. Departing the ring before the first was over; Cornyn mumbled something about butterflies and bees, or maybe it was something about Dinah. Next, Senator Lindsey of South Carolina would show his fellows how it was done; how to handle an uppity black women. Stepped in; wham never knew what hit him. Lindseee went down without even a sarcastic whimper. Time to bring in the heavyweight favorite from, and now of, Louisiana — in the right corner — John Kennedy. What is that on his lips, all over him? Is that molasses? Ref should check Kennedy’s notes for the presence of a foreign substance, of a fact. Leads off the round with a set of his very best question-interruption feints. Then tries another. Then another. Somewhere along about his fifth question-interruption feint attempt, Kennedy begins to realize that what he is seeing up close is the floor and that his face is the mop.

Irony is, these good old boys are from the same south that for a century had said that blacks weren’t qualified for public office and shouldn’t be allowed to even vote just took a mental whupping from a big beautiful black women in a white hat. Stacy, dear, you were way way too merciful with their dumb asses.

These Three Lilliputians of the US Senate were in turn interviewing the one and only Ms. Stacy Abrams of Georgia about Georgia’s newly enacted voting laws, something Ms. Abrams knows quite a lot about. No amount of training could have prepared them for this contest, they were simply out of their class.

All of which brings us to the question at hand: why are the former confederate states (FCS), if they are to be believed, so afraid of voter fraud? If they really are in such angst, why not go after the fraudsters instead of the voters? Somehow the role of ghost-busters seems fitting this mendacious lot.

These are the very same duplicitous bastards who would have very limited restrictions on who can purchase and own a gun; insisting instead that any control come via arrests for acts committed with a gun. That they have the right to own a gun, but a woman shouldn’t have the right of choice, that their right to own a gun is more important than a woman’s right to choose, or someone else’s right to vote.

Why make it harder to vote? Why the bassackward voter suppression thing? Because that’s precisely the intent. It is not about voter fraud at all. If it were, they would resort to their usual crime and punishment trope. It’s all about voter control; about who gets to vote.