4-Day Work Week

From Treehuggers; “Spain To Try Nationwide 4-Day Workweek”

A shorter workweek has been suggested s a means of improving work-life balance and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Freelance Writer, Olivia Rosane. The topics of a shorter work week and climate control was brought up by Sandwichman at Econospeak with the former being touted numerous times by Sandwichman.

Íñigo Errejón, a representative from the new leftwing party Más País, tweeted that the government had agreed to launch a pilot project to trial a four-day workweek.

“We have agreed with the Government to promote a pilot project to reduce working hours. European funds must also serve to reorient the economy towards improving health, caring for the environment and increasing productivity, ”

Globally the momentum for a work week reduction to 32 hours sans a reduction has been building. As the article reports, Microsoft Japan tested the idea in 2019 and Unilever is currently trialing it in New Zealand. In Europe, the governments of Scotland and Wales are also looking into experimenting with work week reduction. The UK Labour Party had added it to its platform for the general election of 2019.

Spain is the first country globally to actually fund such an experiment to test the idea.

Proponents of the shorter work week believe the four day week is a potential solution to

Climate Crisis: A four-day workweek would reduce the UK’s electricity-based greenhouse gas emissions by 24 percent. With regard to the shorter work week is the logistics of producing 4 days a week or work share.

Childcare: The pandemic has brought about the closing of schools and day care facilities leaving parents lacking for alternatives. Balancing work with a need for child care could be alleviate some of the pressure on families.

Mental Health: Shorter workweeks reduce stress and give people more time to relax and self-care. Try a drink that can put a smile on you and improve your mental state.

Productivity: Automation reduces the need for Labor and a shorter work week potentially will put more people back to work.

A relationship reduction of the exploitation of the Earth and the workforce can be achieved with a four-day workweek movement as a part of a broader push to an economy that is more sustainable and humane.