What to do?


  • The US spent $Billions to help Columbia stem the flow of cocaine. Why not spent a few $Billions to alleviate the poverty and social unrest produced by Climate change in El Salvador? Why not spend a few $Trillion to slow, then reverse Climate Change?

The Biden Administration is faced with a problem of asylum seekers at the southern border. The problem was there before, and before that, … The guy just before was of the throw rocks at them, build walls, treat the symptoms, type. Not much use, maybe worse. Was cheered on by the ever squawking, panic striker, “What ever shall we do?,” Fox News.

Let’s start by giving it all a good sorting. What are the area’s problems? Poverty for starters? The causes of this poverty? Well, … there’s failed economies, failed governments, … Backing up a step; figuring out the cause of these causes. Where to start? Population, maybe? What in heaven’s name were they thinking? Was it all simply a misunderstanding? Latin America, … , god, …, the world has never, ever, needed more poor people.

Now, and of long late, worldwide; Climate Change is making the insoluble impossible. The rains either don’t come at all, come at the wrong times, or come at the wrong rate. There is simply no way for the most of the people to even make a living. This is not going away. In fact, it will continue to get worse until the greenhouse gas emissions are stopped. How the climate is at that point will be the new normal for generations and generations. Waiting for the weather to get better is not an option.

God, was it you? Or, was it culture? Like piety and poverty, corruption and violence come together, go together, in Latin America. Both, their legacy from Europe.

No matter whence, here we are with Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras; failed nations with more people than their economies can possibly support. People now trapped in that all too familiar vortex of failed economies, failed governments, and warlords that never ends well. Desperate, if they can’t escape, they will at least attempt to get their children out, to give them some hope of a life.

It is to there, to within these countries, that America must look. A strong United Nations type organization is needed in Latin America, but none exist. None is possible, given the situation. America must somehow deal with what is. The three, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, are members of the United Nations. This problem at our southern border, of failed nations, of icebergs, is everywhere now. Is a world problem, a UN problem, and the United Nations is the best tool available.

We should offer assistance in the form of money, enough money, to the failed governments in return for their allowing UN Police Forces, UN experts, into their country. Allowing UN experts to temporarily take the reigns of government. To root out the corruption, provide safety. To pay the UN’s expenses while in country.

We will pick up the tab. Such a deal. The only, really. Besides, our are hands aren’t clean.