For eight years Mitch McConnell did everything in his power to block any initiative by President Obama; no matter the cost to the nation. It simply wouldn’t do to have the Democrats governing, to have a Democrat in the White House; especially not a popular black President. He never was much on democracy. McConnell couldn’t thwart the will of the people in the 2008 presidential election, but, from the start, it was ‘whatever it takes’ to ensure that Obama was a one-term president. Things didn’t get any better; Throughout the eight years. whenever Obama reached out his hand, McConnell spat in it.

In Obama’s last year in office, the year before Trump took-over, McConnell, single-handedly, unconstitutionally, denied him an appointment to the Supreme Court after Justice Scalia died in February of 2016. But one of many appointments denied during those last four years, this was the most egregious. One he bragged about for years.

In 2016, when the Obama Administration briefed McConnell on Russian interference in the election, McConnell threatened to accuse Obama of trying to tilt the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor if the Administration went public with the confirmed information. This after he had approved the expenditure of thousands of hours of the Senate’s time and millions of taxpayer dollars on an investigation into the Benghazi Incident, one that McConnell knew was a sham, an investigation meant to harm Clinton’s chances if she ran in 2016. Mitch could never find a good reason to do the right thing.

With more than a little help from McConnell, Putin, Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, Fox News, the other major news outlets via the Fox stovepipe, and a good bit of old fashioned, recently Supreme Court anointed, Republican Party led, voter suppression, Trump was elected President in 2016 by a margin of (-) three million votes.

With democracy averted, McConnell gleefully pushed through Federalist Society approved, right-wingers, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh. When Justice Ginsburg died in mid-September 2020, McConnell lied himself into a knot of knots and proclaimed that it was Trump’s constitutional right to appoint her replacement. McConnell rushed through the appointment of the right-wing, Federalist Society approved, Amy Coney Barrett to replace the liberal icon Ginsburg. McConnell simply proving once more that no one can go lower than he can.

After the House of Representatives approved two articles of impeachment against President trump for his attempt to extort false evidence against Joe Biden from the President of Ukraine in a July phone call in December of 2019, McConnell coordinated with the White House on a defense strategy in the run up to the trial in February 2020; refused to allow witnesses to be called in the Senate Trial.

During a televised debate of his 2020 senatorial contest with his Democratic opponent, Amy McGrath, McConnell bragged of extorting $17billion from blue states for Kentucky. Blue states are those states represented by venomous liberals like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Elizabeth Warren.

When meat-packers like Tyson’s Foods refused to spend the money to implement measures to save the lives of their low wage workers by reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection, McConnell was there for the owners with legislative proposals that would grant them immunity from prosecution for failing to implement the needed measures.

McConnell was strongly opposed to any pandemic relief that might afford workers the option of avoiding the risk contacting COVID at work by staying home. After all, economic servitude must be preserved, and economic servitude doesn’t work at all well if the workers have options (McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, served as Secretary of Labor for the full eight years of the George W. Bush Administration). From June to November of this 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, McConnell refused to bring a House approved COVID relief package to the floor of the Senate; too busy approving right-wing judges to the Federal Courts to be bothered with the plight of suffering Americans.

Far too many elected officials have enabled and abetted Donald J. Trump in his ascendance to power, in his abuses of the office of President. None have enabled and abetted Trump in these endeavors more than Senator McConnell. The shock exhibited by McConnell on the evening and night of 6, January upon his much-belated realization of the consequences of his condoning, enabling, and abetting this monster undoes nothing, absolves him of nothing. Any negotiation for forgiveness must be denied. Mitch McConnell should resign, and he should be barred from ever again holding public office. He is unfit for office.