If Only Trump Had Not Tweeted!

Meet Brad Raffensperger. Take a moment and listen to all three clips. The first is at Crooks and Liars.

In an interview with 11Alive reporter Brendan Keefe, the reporter asked Raffensperger directly:

“If the president hadn’t tweeted, and tweeted something that was false, would we have ever heard that call recording?”

Brad: “No, it was a private conversation as far as I was concerned. He broke privacy when he put out a tweet, but then his tweet was false,”

Oh. So being threatened by Trump to throw the election — TO COMMIT A FEDERAL CRIME — would have been “just between us boys” if Trump hadn’t tweeted his usual lies? Was this about feeling dissed?

If President Trump hadn’t tweeted out anything and would’ve stayed silent, we would’ve stayed silent as well. And that would’ve just been a conversation between him and I, man to man, and that would’ve been just fine with us. But he’s the one that had to put it out on Twitter.”

I Wouldn’t Have Released The Call If Trump Hadn’t Lied, Crooks and Liars, Susie Madrak

Click on the link above to see a brief clip of Brad discussing the release of his 1 hour conversation with Trump. Here he says they released the clip.

And meet this Brad Raffensperger. “I do not know how the 1 hour conversation got out there.

Brad Raffensperger Says Trump Claims On Phone Call ‘Not Factually Correct’ | NBC News NOW

In an interview with NBC’s Blayne Alexander, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger discusses his phone call with President Trump. Raffensperger denies knowing how the audio was released and firmly pushes back on the president’s claims of voter fraud in the state.

And another Brad Raffensperger? A Chameleon perhaps?

Earlier in 2020, Brad’s department purged 198,000 voters from Georgia’s voting rolls due to their moving. Greg Palast of Rolling Stone found few had actually moved by working with the USPS.

Meanwhile on January 5th, the Georgia Senate Vote is going on statewide.