Quote of the Day – “very, very Concerned”

A comment from Kentucky State Senator Rand Paul on voter turnout. Paul who has falsely claimed the election was “stolen” from President Donald Trump (without any evidence), warned that increased voter turnout in Georgia could cost Republicans the Senate majority and urged Republican state officials to stop encouraging people to vote.

Senator Paul is actually very worried about the mailing of absentee ballots for the senate vote given what took place during the 2020 Election. His concern is Democrats still may win in Georgia even with all of their fumbling around.

Senator Rand Paul:

“I’m very, very concerned that if you solicit votes from typically non-voters, that you will affect and change the outcome. I am very worried the Democrats will control all three branches of Government and they will very truly transform America and not for the better.”

Now isn’t that what many of us had hoped would happen in November?

If you do not like to read or can not imagine how concerned Rand Paul is, here is the Maria Bartiromo Fox Business News of Senator Rand Paul as captured in a tweet by Eric Kleefeld.