Personal report from Italy

My brother lives in Lucca, Italy ( near Florence) and sent the following report.

We’re not quite at the “Bring Our Your Dead” stage. Schools & museums are closed, flights are being canceled, but all in all life in Lucca is quiet & normal.  Many shops are closed for their usual breaks this time of year. There are virtually no tourists, but this is the slow season. Nancy just spent the weekend in Florence and found it to be delightfully empty.
Tuscany is not in the area where travel is being restricted—as yet. Bars and restaurants are open for the most part, but are told to keep one meter of space between customers.
The authorities are being quite active to do what they can. One reason that Italy has reported so many cases is they they have tested so many more people than the US, for example.
To add to the chaotic nature of all this, today there were riots in 27 prisons throughout Italy after the bosses cut off family visits