Five 38s

This Quinnipiac poll is amazing. It has the delightful feature that all major Democratic candidates are well ahead of Trump, but the really impressive fact is that Trump’s floor and Trump’s ceiling seem to be almost exactly the same — 38% to 40% on Intention to vote for him, and approval on issues other than race (32%) and the economy (46%).

Amazingly there are five questions where 38% approve
general approval and approval of his handling of foreign policy, immigration, trade and gun policy.

I’d like to see the cross tabs. I think the correlations might be extraordinary. It won’t be the case that the exact same people say they approve of Trump on those issues and will vote for him against the Democrats. But I guess the sets will be almost exactly the same. There seems to be extraordinary polarization.

update: 2 more 38s “Thirty-eight percent of men and women want abortion illegal in all or most cases, “